Call me Nikki.

Familiar Fox is Nicole, A designer with a background in photography and a focus in branding and promotional design. I work mostly with small businesses and fellow creatives in both print & online media. 

Big Leo Productions

Big Leo Productions

Client: big leo photo agency

Role: Creative direction & Design


Meet Big Leo!

The wonderful photography & stylists "repping" agency I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with fresh into my move to NYC. I’ve spent my time with them working on design projects, library organization and archiving, promotional videos, as well as a smattering of other odd jobs - kind of the most ideal "out of college" experience ever.

Mary Dail, Owner also had some nice things to say about our time together...

"Any time you see something cool coming out of the Big Leo offices besides the amazing photography and styling talents of our artists, then chances are, it is the doing of K.Nicole Murtagh. Her youthful, fun, and inventive designs have graced our website and emailers, many of our artist promos and websites, the first inception of our Big Leo agency book called "My Little Orange Book", our special deliveries to clients, and much, much more.
With an easy going and collaborative style of working, Nicole has made being creative the highlight of our days.
Her seasoned grasp on design solutions has enabled her to quickly implement changes, while her cutting-edge ideas have served to help elevate our little brand to very BIG places.

Enjoy some of our projects together below!


Big Leo Takes Sweet Revenge

I joined the team just in time for Big Leo Month and the clever promotional idea they had baked up (quite literally) with local cupcake business Sweet Revenge. Tagging along on their oh so sweet revenge, I got the opportunity to capture the days events as they unfolded. It was a blast! 

More on the den: Big Leo took Sweet Revenge! 



Website Design

Site developed on PhotoFolio


Temporary Rebranding

With a ton of new projects rolling out, we decided explore a type driven update of the company's already existing branding. Keeping the same colors & typefaces, we used the gold star as an recognizable element that kept the two designs tied together. This branding was in effect for several years. 


Agency Artist Catalog

Big Leo, NYC based artist representation agency, was in need of a fresh new way to show off their photographers and build momentum for new clients. “My Little Orange Book” is cute, compact, and now available to the masses! See the full preview over at Blurb and then head over to Big Leo’s new website to see more of the artists work. 


Printed Collateral

Whoever said print is dead hasn't see an agent's office. Promotions are a big part in getting your artists names out there and basic mailers are still one of the best ways to do that. 

In addition we've collaborated on other basic printed collateral that all small businesses need. 



From portfolio meetings with advertising agencies to after hour happy hours, Big Leo knows how to party! Here are a few of my favorites we made together. 

The Guide To The Good Life

The Guide To The Good Life

Shaka Surf School

Shaka Surf School