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Creative David A. Land

Creative David A. Land


David is a NYC based Director / Photographer specializing in portraits, interiors & travel. 

David also happens to be one of my longest clients, meeting him 10 years ago during my time at photo repping agency, Big Leo. Learn more about our collaborations below!

One of our first projects together was to establish a logo mark - a branding that would set the tone for all things that followed. We decided a straightforward mark for David fit his personality best: something traditional but friendly, letting his work take center stage. 

Role: Creative Direction & Design

USB Postcard Portfolio Mailer

When David rolled out an updated video reel, he wanted a way to share it with some of his top clients while also reminding them of his talents as a still shooter. After testing out a few different directions we settled on a paper clip style USB that allowed us to clip together 3 postcards, each relating to a different area of expertise. All were placed in a sleek back envelope and sent with a custom label.

Printed by Moo

Cape Town South Africa Booklet

This project was a dream for me, not only because David is a treat to work with but because the subject matter allowed for the handmade approach I always crave. We let the look and feel of the promo be influenced directly from the colors and craft found within the series of images and pulled in Instagram images to allow for a more personal, travel journal feel.

Printed By MagCloud


Portfolio Sites

Portfolio Sites

Shaka Surf School

Shaka Surf School