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HX2 and The Little Blue Box

HX2 and The Little Blue Box


"This is such a fun, well designed special launch promo that shows lots of personality to announce HollenderX2..."

As featured on NO PLASTIC SLEEVES - thanks Danielle! Read more of our collaboration below.

“We knew we wanted to show a little bit about ourselves and show something that was both professional, quirky and humorous. We used the silly shots of ourselves because we wanted to have our personalities match the type of work we are showing. The same images of us that are shown on the promo are also shown on the about page of our site.

We knew we wanted to be able to have the images stand on their own – so we didn’t want to print a booklet or have anything bound. This way we could add new images and tailor the promos to the person / company we were sending to. For the launch mailer, we are sending out about 8-9 postcards – for future mailings, we plan on sending out 3-4 postcards with the blue bands in a branded envelope as our follow up promo.

We are sending our blue boxes to ad agencies and some mags – basically people and places we really would love to work with.”

Client: Hollendersx2 Photography

Role: Creative Direction & Design


Also: As featured on PDN Online...

"Jordan Hollender and Diane Collins started with a simple design of a blue “X” when they launched their business as photography duo HollenderX2. The “X” represented “times,” as in “times two,” since, in their view, two photographers are better than one. They brought their blue branded “X” to designer K. Nicole Murtagh of Familiar Fox, and worked with her to create a promo announcing their partnership and their business."

One Rule: Go Big or Go Home

One Rule: Go Big or Go Home

The works w/ David A. Land

The works w/ David A. Land