Familiar Fox is Nicole, a creative director with a focus in branding & promotional design. I work mostly with small businesses and fellow creatives in both print & online media.

I'm all about YOUR brand, special "where the heck do I even start?" projects & all things photography.

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Matthew Gleason Portfolio

Matthew Gleason Portfolio


Matthew Gleason is an interior stylist, home editor, prop and set designer.

15 years of amazing work but a website stuck in The Stone Age.


Matthew came to me with a website that was (to be honest) a little out of date. The galleries were small, the site slow loading and on top of it, he was having a hard time adding new work to it. He wanted something more modern, easier to use but still unique. We decided to start over from scratch, moving him onto the Wordpress platform & making use of a customized template so that we could ensure a "backend" that would be fairly easy to use, with all the features he wanted as well. Matthew had a clear idea of how he saw the new site working, with things like a unique horizontal scroll on certain gallery pages and a tucked away bio page. With some custom development, we made it work! The final site came with a .PDF document that included easy information on how to make updates. Check it all out below!



RoleS: creative director, Nicole @ FF

development, Colton & Jessica

Platform: Wordpress

C&C: Diversity in Design

C&C: Diversity in Design

Summer Camp Promotion

Summer Camp Promotion