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A Culinary Exploration To Space

A Culinary Exploration To Space


The concept: what if we used food to represent

our Solar System?

These ladies recreated The Universe! “using food and cooking techniques to capture characteristics like temperature, topography and atmosphere. We show the sun as a golden disc of caramelized sugar. Venus, with its volcanic landscape and average temperature of more than 800°F, is represented by a Croque Madame topped with a lava stream made of egg yolk. Earth is an arrangement of salt-baked fish and lettuces to depict its surface of water and land. We both loved researching and creating this project."

Evi came to me with hopes to find a creative way to showcase her personal projects - the first of which being this clever idea with food stylist Kristin Stangl. Wanting to do something outside of the ordinary but still practical for different types of content, we settled on a larger scale newspaper sized format that would be designed with Evi’s playful personality in mind. We wanted to create a somewhat general template for the newspaper design so that we could use the same layout to build brand recognition in future. We paired the final newspaper with a blank postcard and mailed out in a clear envelope so you could get a tease of what’s inside.


Separate from the photography promotion that went out to clients, we also designed some wall sized prints and postcards of the full set.

C&C: Diversity in Design

C&C: Diversity in Design