Familiar Fox is Nicole, a creative director with a focus in branding & promotional design. I work mostly with small businesses and fellow creatives in both print & online media.

I'm all about YOUR brand, special "where the heck do I even start?" projects & all things photography.

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Artist Books and Portfolios

Artist Books and Portfolios


Print isn't dead! A portfolio is still the best way to share your best work with peers & clients alike.

Basic Design & Sequencing

Even in photo school, I found myself not only helping others sequence & edit their books but doing the design too. Don't tell: this is my favorite type of project...

Below, a small overview of photo editing, layout and design done for various creative clients over the years. Click for a larger view. 


Story Design & Art Direction

Alot of times a photographer will come to me with a personal photo project they've shot and need a little design help before presenting it to the world.  Whether it be simple title card to a full design treatment - with my photo background, these projects are always a blast for me. Here are a few of my favorite collaborations.

for Buj Avsar Photography

for Zach DeSart Photography

for Photographer Ahmed Klink

funny girls w/ joey & jessica

For Photographer Dustin Cohen

Title Cards for short film 'Hiraeth'


Summer Vibes Travel Sized

Summer Vibes Travel Sized

Salt & Water Magazine

Salt & Water Magazine