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Ntabwo Ndi Umuzungu

Ntabwo Ndi Umuzungu


Genevieve is a professional photographer, marketer & returned Peace Corps volunteer.

This is her story about living & working for a year in Kabere, Rwanda. Learn more of her journey, below. 


"From January 2011 to November 2012, I taught English at the middle school in Kabere and participated in a variety of development projects with other Peace Corps Volunteers throughout Rwanda while doing my best documenting it all. What I ended up with is a just a glimpse of how two culturally different peoples, from America and Rwanda, interact when they are together and when they are apart living as neighbors in one beautiful, enigmatic country..."

I feel fortunate to have been asked by Genevieve to help her with this idea & for her to trust me with her images and actual memories (a few bags full of postcards, student work and clippings) was really quite awesome of her. We worked together to integrate her photography into a written story, which not only explained the different way of life in which she learned from daily but the struggles & rewards of being a Peace Corps volunteer. I feel so lucky to have helped her make this idea come to life. 

Client: Genevieve Williams Photography

Role: Photo Editing & Editorial Design

Email genwphoto@gmail.com to purchase a copy


Proceeds after printing, shipping and taxes will be donated to help kids in Musanze, Rwanda afford their education.


From Nepal With Love

From Nepal With Love

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