"A girl should be two things: who and what she wants."  

~ Coco Chanel

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What is Lady Makers?

A new project, a collective of sorts, for ladies who make - in the greater NYC area & (because interwebs) beyond. What started as a Facebook group to share tools & trade secrets has since grown into a budding online community with a focus on crafting, home & kitchen secrets and other ways to help promote creativity and collaboration. And yes ~ Ladies Only ~ ! 


How can I get involved? 

Right now we're still in growing phases, with most of the focus simply on creating conversation & sharing cool things that ya'll are getting into. You can submit recent projects, behind the scenes, in the kitchen & those sorts of things to be feature on our Instagram page by using the form on the left. If you are in the NYC area, want to share work more casually or have questions for fellow makers - check the Facebook group


Submitting & suggest!

Please use the button below for all submissions to be featured on Instagram - note you do not need a Dropbox account to submit - and then simply complete the form to the left!  Please do not email submissions as attachments. You will receive an direct message from Lady Makers on Instagram if we plan to feature your work. All other questions will be addressed accordingly!