Prop & Craft Styling

Prop Styling for Handsome Hollow Archive

Handsome Hollow is a truly rare place. The stunning 93-acre property of fields, meadows, forests and mountain views is the location of a beautifully restored 18th century Amish barn. A stylishly preserved 100-year old farmhouse makes Handsome Hollow an idyllic and unforgettable rustic chic wedding and retreat destination. Photographer William Strawser asked me to help out on this shoot - a one day affair in which we got through everything; 3 main shots, as well as all the secondary assets. Thanks again for having us Kate!

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Craft Styling for Various Projects

I used to call myself "a recovering Mod Podge addict" so it's only fitting that this section is a hodge podge of all my favorite craft styling projects from the past. If you couldn't tell already - I'm a pretty crafty lady, so it was only natural to find myself not only behind the camera when needed, but taking the time to concept, create and style the elements within aswell. Making candles, building small sets, sourcing materials - I love it. Additionally, My job as a designer has given me the ability to become familiar with the print industry suppliers and I've got a knack for combining quality products with a handcrafted, custom touch. Basically - I'll find any excuse to get my hands on fun "special projects" like these whenever I can. I hope you enjoyed the overview above! Thanks for looking. 


Set Design for Our Motion Is Stop

Three months, one studio, 6-8 people, and a lot of stop motion to do. Right after graduation, I found myself still in Rochester, NY with a group of fellow creatives and a space to create. We we're all in heaven. It was all of our first attempts at something big too & lets be real - the process wasn't perfect. Regardless, we had alot of fun which ended with a show for all our peers & friends. Below is what we made - myself helping with story development, editing decisions & generally along the way but with most focus on initially building out the entire "machine" set. Everyone worked really hard but gotta give a special shout out to David Szmit for all the post processing work. 

Our website is no longer live but do check out our vimeo!

Poached is a story of one creatures innocent needs, anothers all consuming desire, and the elaborate means to innate end. It is an animated short film about hunger. Fate. And love! (but really nothing to do with love).